Full Set | $52

Back Fill Pink & White| $47

Pink Fill Only | $27

Nail Repair | $4 and up for each repair
We’re happy to repair your nails for $4 and up on each nail, depending on length of your nails.

Nail Length Prices
Longer length nails are charged extra due to extra time spent working on longer nails

Nail Shape Prices

(Apply on Acrylic, Pink & White, and Dipping Powder)
Square | Fill-in $0 / Full Set $0
Squoval | Fill-in $0 / Full Set $0
Rounded | Fill-in $0 / Full Set $0
Oval | Fill-in $4 / Full Set $5
Almond | Fill-in $5 / Full Set $10
Coffin | Fill-in $5 / Full Set $10
Stiletto | Fill-in $5 / Full Set $10

Pink and white acrylics, also called “Permanent French” or “two-tone” is the most popular look among women. It’s durable, classic, shiny and ready to go, leaving you with a clean and natural look. Pink and white dry instantly and the polish never wears off. A non-yellowing formula is done in a double process with white powder for the free edge and two different shades of pink to choose from for the nail bed. It never turns yellow under the sun or tanning bed.